Citrix set out to create a new way for customers to experience their products on Historically, they offered bulky trials that required a big commitment from customers and internal teams. These “Product in Action” experiences offered short, consumable ways to experience the product—and they were designed to be appropriate for specific audiences, at specific points in the customer journey.

For the first Wave of PIA, we focused on Citrix Workspace tours for the IT Director. The “Imagine This” video was the tip of the spear and was intended to drive product awareness. This was then followed by two consecutive interactive walkthroughs.

The second video is an example of one of the two interactive experiences that was designed for a prospect to walk-through some of the features of our product, without the need to talk with a sales person or sign up for a bulky demo or trial. This was built and designed by our design team without the use of developers and deployed by the web team on with progressive profiling for customers.