Fretlight Guitar’s unique technology enables users to see exactly where to put their fingers, allowing them to start playing immediately and keep playing longer. The company asked FWV to find a creative way to tap into its potential market, reaching people with an unrealized dream of learning to play guitar.

Together we formed ​“Quitters Anonymous,” an online community aimed at compelling quitters to stop quitting and start playing guitar again with Fretlight. The fully integrated digital campaign aligned with the start of Alice Cooper’s concert tour and offered fans a chance to win VIP tickets to performances in key markets. We also granted Rolling​Stone​.com an exclusive interview with Cooper.

Cast in the role of rock n’ roll therapist, ​“Dr.” Alice Cooper became a viral favorite for new and existing Fretlight consumers, earning coverage in lifestyle and trade media. The campaign garnered over 350 million media impressions, including two USATo​day​.com placements, the Rolling​Stone​.com hit, syndicated coverage on Yahoo, MSN and MTV Radio, and a feature on TV’s Extra. Sales increased by more than 100%.

Quitters Anonymous