Client Experience

A few brands I've have experience working with.

Design Design

Design brand assets, magazine collateral, and social pages for liquor brands.

Development Development

Build Facebook pages and microsites to support marketing programs.

Content Content

Develop online video and social content for all channels.


People I've worked with have said some pretty nice things.

  • Stephanie Dziengel</br><p id="testimonial_title">Designer</p>

    Hudson and I worked together for years at Citrix. During our time together, Hudson mentored and educated me in so many ways. He would always reach out to me and make sure things were going good, and that I always felt challenged enough. He encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone with confidence, and jump at any opportunity to educate us and help us grow in our career.

    Hudson is a great leader, a talented creative, and a good friend. I would highly recommend and would enjoy working with him again.

    - Stephanie Dziengel


  • Catherine Harrell</br><p id="testimonial_title">Chief Marketing Officer</br>Dude Solutions</p>

    Hudson is an experienced and capable Creative Leader – hands down. In our three years working together, what I admired most about him was his courage to jump out of his “day job” and co-lead the development, testing, launch and optimization of a new business idea – Addoo – through the Innovators Program at Citrix. In this process, Hudson became an entrepreneur – listening to customers, building a product, analyzing results and making adjustments. He stretched and learned a massive amount of skills to improve his overall business acumen. After a year, he came back to the marketing organization as not just a stronger creative lead, but a more well-rounded leader.

    - Catherine Harrell

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Dude Solutions

  • Arik Abel</br><p id="testimonial_title">Product Management</br>Tivo</p>

    When it comes to hiring help with your digital marketing, you usually have to compromise on someone that has either thoughtful design, solid web development or fresh, innovative ideas. Hudson has the rare distinction of being strong in all of the above. Add to that his enthusiasm for all things creative and professionalism when it comes to getting the job done right, and you know your going to get fantastic service to help you meet your goals.

    - Arik Abel

    Product Management

  • Danny Rosin</br><p id="testimonial_title">President, Co-Owner at Brand Fuel</br>President Band Together</p>

    Coming clean out of the gate, Hudson and I are friends. We have also worked together professionally. And we are still friends. I think that speaks volumes. If my implying that Hudson is an incredibly friendly and fun person to work with is not enough, know that he is incredibly talented. He checks his ego at the door. Sure, he is a great Designer, but his vision and intuitiveness is what truly sets him apart.

    - Danny Rosin

    President, Co-Owner at Brand Fuel
    President Band Together

  • Art Novak<br/><p id="testimonial_title">Copywriting Professor<br/>Savannah College of Art and Design</p>

    Hudson was my student in two copywriting classes. From the outset, I was struck by his ability to make big ideas materialize. They didn’t materialize out of thin air — Hudson willed them into existence with a combination of talent and grit. During student critiques, he was able to generate these ideas for other students. This is a guy with the conceptual and “people” skills to thrive in a challenging, fast-paced agency environment.

    - Art Novak

    Copywriting Professor
    Savannah College of Art and Design